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ElasticSearch (ELK Stack) helping software quality

In the previous post I launched the challenge How Data Science can improve Software Quality which I discussed needs, data, data science and the right questions. In this post the goal is to address the tools that will help us find the answers that we want to find, ie, the tools can extract important indicators … Continue reading ElasticSearch (ELK Stack) helping software quality

Know the Neo4j

Well, we now know the Neo4j a NoSQL graph database. An investment of 15 minutes is enough. ­čÖé NoSQL? It bluntly NoSQL means Not Only SQL, was created as an alternative to solve problems that relational databases can’t solve. There are several databases following NoSQL, each focused on its specialty like the MongoDB which is … Continue reading Know the Neo4j

Uncle John Tips

Much of the design of this blog came online course Blog Course, where Mr. John Sonmez speaks in detail of steps and ideas for blogging, as well as motivation, challenges, doubts, fears, very good. Mr. Sonmez maintains Simple Programmer blog that contains many interesting posts about life, career, technical tips, the life of a profissinal … Continue reading Uncle John Tips

TheDevLog: Social Networks…


How data science can improve software quality?

The data science is an area that sells very well. It has generated great expectations for organizations, businesses, and also for professionals, as well as presenting new products and solutions for improvement through the data exploration. And the Big Data capabilities are there to be exploited. My challenge in this post is present ideas of … Continue reading How data science can improve software quality?

Chapter 1 – Introduction to SNMP

Come on, with 5 minutes of reading you will know the SNMP! What is SNMP? The SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is a protocol that is at the application layer, used to transport information that enables the monitoring and management networks. It can be used to monitor different types of operating systems and devices, such … Continue reading Chapter 1 – Introduction to SNMP

Hello World!

Hello World! Finally we launched our blog. We have lots of ideas to expose, but let’s try to be practical and useful. This blog was born from the need for sharing, dissemination and exhibition of our daily challenges, problems, ideas, victories, defeats, skills, “disabilities”, new technologies, conservative┬átechnologies, etc. The Developer’s Log The choice of this … Continue reading Hello World!